About NACDA - Data on Aging

To the left is an image of a smiling, older woman, underneath is a triangle made of cyclical arrows with text stating "Deposit - Share - Preserve". Underneath that is an outline of a folder with a downward arrow, with text stating "Download - Analyze - Cite".

To the right of the image of the woman there is text stating main points about NACDA - "Began as a research concept in 1978/79 by the Administration on Aging. Funded in 1984 by the National Institute on Aging. 28 public datasets first offered on the internet in 1992. Now over 13,000 datasets are available!"

What is NACDA?

In the center there is a silhouette of an older man and woman using canes and above them the answer to the title question is "Data on Aging".

Surrounding the center image are three brief statements:

  • To the left is an outline of a computer at a desk with text stating "1,530 Studies".
  • To the right is an outline of a puzzle piece with text stating ">920,000 variables".
  • Underneath is an outline of pages with text stating ">21,300 publications".