Deposit Data

NACDA welcomes and encourages deposits of digital data. Deposits are made using a secure form to describe the data collection and upload content.

Users must have or create a MyData, Facebook, or Google account to sign in to the deposit form.

For a discussion of best practice in preparing data for sharing, please refer to ICPSR's Guide to Social Science Data Preparation and Archiving.

Are you planning your research project, but not sure about how you plan to archive your data afterwards? Check out our Guidelines for Effective Data Management Plans.

NACDA now has two options for sharing your data!

  1. NACDA continues to offer curation services as staff obtain, process, preserve, and disseminate electronic data to researchers for secondary analysis in aging research. If you want your data collection to be curated, your data and materials will be reviewed for technical problems, carefully documented, and made available in a variety of formats (e.g., SAS, SPSS, Stata, R, delimited), please share your data with NACDA.

    Deposit to NACDA
  2. The NACDA Open Aging Repository (NACDA-OAR) offers free self-publishing options for gerontological researchers to share their research projects. Data collections published in NACDA-OAR are immediately distributed as-is for immediate research use. If you want your data collection to be immediately available exactly as they arrive, albeit without the review, curation, and preservation by NACDA staff, please share your data with NACDA-OAR. Deposit to NACDA-OAR

For deposits that involve physical materials, please email