Beginning September 30, 2020, ICPSR will offer these data (videos) through the main ICPSR website and will no longer support this standalone website. Please visit the ICPSR website for these and other research data and data tools.

How will I remove output when I'm ready to present my findings?

Researchers interested in removing output or other non-data files from the secure environment may submit a request to ICPSR, and ICPSR staff will review the requested files to ensure no confidential information is removed from the secure environment. Approved researchers requesting to remove output from the VDE should send an email to MET LDB Inquiries with the following information:

  • A narrative summary of all output requested for release, compiled into a single document, one-page maximum.

  • File names of all documents requested.

ICPSR staff will email files with adequately low reidentification risk or request modifications prior to a second review.

Current vetting requirements and criteria are provided here but may be modified in order to protect confidentiality of students and teachers.

  • No data files, data extracts, or listing of cases will be released.

  • No identifying output broken out by district, teacher, classroom, or student will be released. Please review the Data Use Agreement for further information on acceptable output presentations.

  • Please limit requested output to results that are needed for presentations and papers. We are unlikely to review output beyond 15 standard pages in length. Be aware that longer output will significantly increase the length of the review period. In most cases, we will only review one set of output files per project.

  • Well-documented and explained program files should accompany all output.

  • Tabular output:

    • Tables must include cell counts and percentages

    • Tables with cell sizes smaller than ten (10) will not be released. Please recode variables as necessary before submitting tables for review.

    • If applicable, tables must be accompanied by a relevant subset count and description.

  • Regression output:

    • Regression output must include a description of any sub sampling and description of variables included in the model

    • Regressions based on fewer than 20 cases will not be released

    • Logistic regression output should be submitted with a pseudo-R-squared statistic

  • District-Wide output files:

    • We will look closely at District-Wide output to ensure that it meets the above requirements, meets FERPA regulations, and falls within the scope of the original goals of the MET Project. Please see How can the District-Wide Files be analyzed, and what do I and my Institutional Review Board (IRB) need to know about this group of files? for further information on appropriate and sanctioned uses of the District-Wide Files.