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Why don't you provide the names of school districts? Can I identify the school districts?

Although the names of the school districts included in the MET LDB are known, the identities of those districts should be masked in all publications based on the MET LDB for two reasons.

First, since the MET data are not a representative sample of teachers in each district, identification of districts may lead to comparisons that lack scientific merit.

Second, public identification of districts would increase the risk that individual teachers and students might be identified. As a user of the MET LDB, you are obligated to protect the confidentiality of individuals in the database.

Districts should not be named in any publications or presentations except as part of a statement listing all the districts that participated in MET. This information can already be found publicly on the MET website and in existing MET publications.

Publications should not include tables providing information that could be used to identify MET districts. For example, demographic characteristics (e.g. distribution by race, ethnicity, free and reduced school lunches) may lead to identification of districts and should not be associated with MET District IDs. Readers may be provided background information about the districts from public sources without associating that information with MET District IDs.