Beginning September 30, 2020, ICPSR will offer these data (videos) through the main ICPSR website and will no longer support this standalone website. Please visit the ICPSR website for these and other research data and data tools.

How can the District-Wide Files be analyzed?

All of the data files and videos are consented by parents and teachers for secondary analysis except the District-Wide Files. The District-Wide Files are a collection of administrative data provided to approved researchers in accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), which stipulates that student record data may be distributed for secondary analysis only for the purposes of education research. Please see FERPA §99.31 for further information on appropriate uses of student administrative records. All MET LDB Data Use Agreement applications will be evaluated to ensure that the proposed use of the District-Wide Files, if applicable, complies with FERPA requirements and falls within the scope of the goals of the original MET Project: to build and test measures of effective teaching and to help school districts identify and develop great teaching.