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I have a current MET Data Use Agreement, but I am changing institutions. Can I continue to work on this project at my new institution?

Yes. The instructions from the DUA are as follows:

M. To notify ICPSR of a change in institutional affiliation of the Investigator. Notification must be in writing and must be received by ICPSR at least six (6) weeks prior to Investigator's last day of employment with Institution. Investigator's separation from Institution terminates this Agreement. Investigator may reapply for access to Confidential Data as an employee of the new institution. Re-application requires:

  1. Execution of a new Agreement for the Use of Confidential Data by both the Investigator and the proposed new institution;

  2. Execution of any Supplemental Agreement(s) with Research Staff and Pledges of Confidentiality by Research Staff and Participants at the proposed new institution;

  3. Preparation and approval of a new Data Security Plan; and

  4. Evidence of approval or exemption by the proposed new institution's IRB.

These materials must be approved by ICPSR before Confidential Data or any derivatives or analyses may be accessed at the new institution.