Beginning September 30, 2020, ICPSR will offer these data (videos) through the main ICPSR website and will no longer support this standalone website. Please visit the ICPSR website for these and other research data and data tools.

Can I record information about the videos outside the VDE?

As a user of the MET data you are obligated to protect the confidentiality of students and teachers who appear in the videos and quantitative data. No information may be recorded outside of the VDE that might disclose the identities of districts, teachers, classes, or students -- either alone or in combination with other information. For example, attributes of teachers or students appearing in videos, such as race, age, gender, etc. may not be recorded in any way outside of the VDE. Additionally, attributes of the class session, such as grade or subject, may not be recorded outside of the VDE. Re-identifying schools or districts from information like classroom setting, student demographics, or material appearing in classrooms (e.g. names of sports teams) is also prohibited.

It is acceptable to record information that does not identify people or places. For example, rubrics describing teaching styles, student reactions to lessons, classroom tone or climate may be used to score videos. These scores may be recorded outside the VDE with the video ID.