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Projects Using the MET LDB

Project Name Principal Investigator Affiliation
Features of Writing Instruction Across Grade Levels: Instructional Practices and Student Outcomes in 4th and 8th Grades Alston, Chandra University of Michigan more info
Teaching from a social justice perspective in advancing student achievement Ampaw, Frimpomaa Central Michigan University more info
Understanding the Mechanisms behind the Learning Production Function Aucejo, Esteban; Cooley Freuhwirth, Jane; Coate, Patrick; Azmat, Ghazala; de Chaisemartin, Clement London School of Economics, University of Cambridge, University of Michigan, Queen Mary University of London, University of Warwick more info
Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Summer Learning Programs on Student Outcomes Augustine, Catherine RAND Corporation more info
Study of Beginning Mathematics Teaching: Large scale impirical investigiation of the nature and impact of beginning mathematics teaching Ball, Deborah University of Michigan -
Value Added in Value Added Models: RealVAMs and Kappa Project Broatch, Jennifer; Green, Jennifer Arizona State University, Montana State University more info
School Influences on Teacher Collective Efficacy for Student Engagement Burden, Paul Kansas State University more info
Developing the Validity Agument for the DMT Observation Protocol and a FA Observation Protocol Carney, Michele Boise State University more info
The Expanded Hierarchical Rater Model: A Framework for the Analysis of Ratings Casabianca, Jodi University of Texas at Austin more info
Understanding Achievement Gaps as Students Age: Dynamic Peer Effects in Human Capital Production Cooley Freuhwirth, Jane; Navarro, Salvador; Takahashi, Yuya University of Cambridge, Western University, Johns Hopkins University more info
What teacher quality matters? Understanding the relationships among teachers' professional content knowledge, instruction, and student achievement Copur-Gencturk, Yasemin University of Houston -
How different value-added models and different weighting schemes affect the teacher ratings Delandshere, Ginette Indiana University -
Understanding mathematics classroom instruction through students and teachers Eccles, Jacquelynne University of California Irvine more info
Dimensionality of Teaching Quality Measures Ferguson, Ronald Harvard University more info
Teachers as Role Models in Gender-Stereotyped Academic Domains Gunderson, Elizabeth Temple University -
The Role of Student Participation in Mediating the Relationship Between Teacher Practices and Student Achievement in Mathematics Ing, Marsha University of California Riverside -
The Student Teacher Relationship as a Quality Indicator for Effective Teaching Klopfenstein, Kristin University of Northern Colorado more info
Noncognitive Skills & Schooling: An Exploratory Analysis Kraft, Matthew Brown University more info
The effect of time sampling and segment placement on the scoring quality of videotaped performances: Pilot study Lai, Emily Pearson -
Effective Teaching and Cognitive Science: Pilot Study of Video Scoring Scheme Laski, Elida Boston College more info
An Examination of the Teaching Effectiveness Measures Li, Hongli Georgia State University more info
Investigating the effects of teaching practices in science and mathematics Maltese, Adam Indiana University more info
Impact Evaluation of Teacher and Leader Performance Evaluation Systems Manzeske, David American Institutes for Research more info
Examining Teacher and Teaching Quality through Predictors of Urban Teacher Effectiveness May, Henry University of Delaware -
Use of Measures of Effective Teaching Longitudinal Database 3 McCoach, D. Betsy University of Connecticut -
Understanding Science Teaching Effectiveness: Examining the Relationship between Secondary Science Teachers' Instructional Practices and Value-Added Scores Mikeska, Jamie Educational Testing Service (ETS) -
Implementation of Reformed Teaching Practices and Student Achievement Miura, Yoko Wright State University more info
Teacher Quality Moffitt, Robert Central Michigan University -
Closing the Teacher Quality Gap- An Empirical Analysis of Teacher Assignment Problems Ridder, Geert University of Southern California more info
Contextual Conditions for Effective Teaching Rimm-Kaufman, Sara University of Virginia more info
Investigating Gender Gaps in Elementary School Mathematics: Connections Among Teachers' Math Knowledge for Teaching, Students' Attitudes, and Students' Problem Solving Approaches Robinson, Joseph University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign -
Emotional Classroom Climate and Academic Achievement Schmitigal-Snyder, Linda Lake Superior State University more info
Secondary Analysis of Gates MET data Schoenfeld, Alan University of California Berkeley -
An Exploration of Novice Teachers' Core Competencies: Impacts on Student Achievement, and Effectiveness of Preparation Seidel, Kent;Green, Kathy University of Colorado Denver, University of Denver, University of Colorado Boulder more info
Teacher Talk in the MET database Silverman, Rebecca; Goodwin, Amanda University of Maryland, Vanderbilt University more info
Teacher Turn-over intentions, teacher effectiveness and working conditions in high-need vs low-need schools Singh, Kusum Virginia Tech University more info
Validation of RATE (Rapid Assessment of Teacher Effectiveness) Strong, Michael University of California Santa Cruz -
Synthesizing Intraclass and Covariate Correlations for Measures of Teacher Outcomes Taylor, Joseph Biological Science Curriculum Study -
Identity Intersections in the Classroom: Teacher Effectiveness Across Racial Lines Tienda, Marta Princeton University more info
Evaluating the Diagnostic Value of Teacher Effectiveness Data Obtained from Classroom Observational Protocols Traynor, Anne Purdue University more info
Study of Teacher Preparation Experiences and Early Teacher Effectiveness Unlu, Fatih Abt Associates -
Investigating Reliability in Rating Effective Teachers : Multicolored Teachers and Grain Size Ward, John Millersville University -
Use of Measures of Effective Teaching Longitudinal Database Welsh, Megan University of California Davis; Christopher Rhoads, University of Connecticut -
Relationships between Student Surveys and Mathematics Classroom Instruction Wilhelm, Anne Southern Methodist University -
UC Berkeley Graduate School of Education Exploration of MET Project Classroom Observation and Student Survey Instruments Wilson, Mark University of California Berkeley more info
CRT Design Parameter Xu, Zeyu American Institutes for Research more info