2016 ICPSR Summer Intern Research Projects

Project posters and video presentations by the 2016 ICPSR summer interns, with brief biographies:

Patricia Martin of University of California, Santa Barbara (ICPSR Member Institution)

Poster: Lifting the Financial Burden: The Impact of the Gates Millennium Scholars Program on Student Aspirations for Higher Education (PDF 11.8MB)

Poster for Patricia Martin's 2016 I C P S R internship

Martin is a Sociology major with minors in Education and Applied Psychology graduating in 2017. After graduation, Martin plans to pursue a PhD in Education and continue her research on the educational trajectories of underrepresented students.

Austin McKittrick of the West Virginia University (ICPSR Member Institution)

Poster: Discrimination and Mental Health Among Sexual Minorities (PDF 1.4MB)

Poster for Austin McKittrick's 2016 I C P S R internship

McKitrick is a Double Major in Psychology & Biology (emphasis in Neuroscience) graduating December 2016. After graduation, McKitrick aspires is to continue on in academia through a Masters of Public Health in Epidemiology and a PhD program in Social Neuroscience or Social Psychology.

Nicolo Pinchak of Bowling Green State University (ICPSR Member Institution)

Poster: We Don't Need No Education: High School Dropouts, the GED, and Pathways to Economic Capability in the Transition to Adulthood (PDF 1.6MB)

Poster for Nicolo Pinchak's 2016 I C P S R internship

Pinchak is a Sociology major with a minor in Educational Studies graduating in 2017. After graduation, Pinchak plans on pursuing a PhD in Sociology (or very closely related discipline), focusing on how schools and other formal educational institutions affect societies (both nationally and internationally).

Elaine Vilorio of Amherst College (ICPSR Member Institution)

Poster: Does the Race/Ethnicity of Teachers Matter for Student Achievement? (PDF 859KB)

Poster for Rebeca Willis-Conger's 2016 I C P S R internship

Vilorio is a double major in Black Studies and Latin American, Caribbean, and Latinx Studies graduating in 2017. After graduation, Vilorio plans to continue her studies by pursuing a PhD in Sociology.