2015 ICPSR Summer Intern Research Projects

Project posters and video presentations by the 2015 ICPSR summer interns, with brief biographies:

Kimberly Gannon of Michigan State University (ICPSR Member Institution)

Poster: Do Bad Times Last Forever? Hyperinflation and Inflation Expectations (PDF 1.4MB)

Poster for Kimberly Gannon's 2015 I C P S R internship

Gannon is a triple major in economics, mathematics, and statistics graduating in 2017. After graduation, Gannon would like to continue to develop her skills in quantitative methods and her trajectory of economic research - specifically on how Americans in the midwest respond to economic change, often in the form of human capital outflows.

Cristian Nuno of the University of Illinois at Chicago (ICPSR Member Institution)

Poster: Political Prospects: Understanding Asian American Political Ideology (PDF 1MB)

Poster for Cristian Nuno's 2015 I C P S R internship

Nuno is a double major in economics and urban & public affairs graduating in 2016. After graduation he plans to pursue a Master's degree in Public Policy in preparation for a career focused on municipal finance and urban policy.

Ilse Paniagua of Cornell University (ICPSR Member Institution) (New York)

Poster: Developing Citizens: The Role of Pedagogy on Civic Skills (PDF 1.6MB)

Poster for Ilse Paniagua's 2015 I C P S R internship

Paniagua is a public policy major with a minor in applied economics graduating in 2016. After graduation she would like to work for a social science research institution where she can combine her background in teaching, her knowledge about education policy, and the data management skills that she will gain at ICPSR.

Rebeca Willis-Conger of Reed College (ICPSR Member Institution) (Oregon)

Poster: Navigating Lived Race and Cultural Traditions: Alcohol Use Amount American Indian Teens (PDF 856KB)

Poster for Rebeca Willis-Conger's 2015 I C P S R internship

Willis-Conger is a sociology major graduating in 2017. Before transferring to Reed, she attended Portland Community College (PCC) where she developed her passion for research. Willis-Conger is a passionate undergraduate sociology student who is considering pursuing a PhD after graduation with the goal of improving the health sensitive to the needs of children and minorities.

Polina Zvavitch of The Ohio State University (ICPSR Member Institution) (Ohio)

Poster: The Birds and the Bees: How Sexual Behaviors and Attitudes are Influenced by Sources of Sex Education (PDF 1.8MB)

Poster for Polina Zvavitch's 2015 I C P S R internship

Zvavitch is majoring in sociology, with a minor in mathematics, graduating in 2016. After graduation, Zvavitch plans to attend graduate school and complete a PhD in sociology to one day achieve her goal of becoming a professor.


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