2014 ICPSR Summer Intern Research Projects

Project posters and video presentations by the 2014 ICPSR summer interns, with brief biographies:

La'Shante Grigsby of Clark Atlanta University (Georgia)

Poster: The Black Zip Code (PDF 1MB)

Poster for La'Shante Grigsby's 2014 I C P S R internship

Grigsby is a Sociology major, with a minor in Criminal Justice, graduating in 2014. Grigsby plans to attend graduate school and conduct additional research en route to a career in Sociology.

Mark Harris of Grambling State University (Louisiana)

Poster: College and Beyond: How Social and Human Capital Impacts Black and Hispanic Male Students' Educational Expectations (PDF 840LB)

Poster for Mark Harris's 2014 I C P S R internship

Harris is a double major in Sociology and Mathematics graduating in 2014. Harris plans graduate studies toward a doctoral degree in Sociology or Mathematics. His research interests include understanding ways in which young African Americans develop educational aspirations and what factors are behind a decline in the number of African Americans studying STEM disciplines, particularly Mathematics.

Shannon Heitkamp of University of St. Thomas, St. Paul (ICPSR Member Institution) (Minnesota)

Poster: Financial Security: The Impact of Scholarships on STEM Education (PDF 916KB)

Poster for Shannon Heitkamp's 2014 I C P S R internship

Heitkamp is a double major in Economics and English graduating in 2015. Her research interests include the relationship of participation in extracurricular activities to enrollment in post­secondary education and whether participation in group sports or arts activities has a greater impact on educational enrollment. She plans to attend graduate school in Education Policy, Education Studies, or Statistics.

NaShawn Johnson of Columbia University (ICPSR Member Institution) (New York)

Poster: Empty Stomachs, Detached Minds: The Moderating Effect of Extracurricular Activities on Relationship between Food Insecurity and School Engagement (PDF 905KB)

Poster for NaShawn Johnson's 2014 I C P S R internship

Johnson is majoring in Urban Studies, with a concentration in Political Science, graduating in 2015. According to Johnson, she has a "keen interest in urban politics and economic development as it affects current public policies." Johnson plans to utilize statistical research in her future career; her interests involve quantitative studies that connect the social, political, and economic structures of urban spaces.

Adelin Levin of Grand Valley State University (ICPSR Member Institution) (Michigan)

Levin is a double major in Economics and Mathematics, with a minor in Mathematical Statistics graduating in 2015. After graduation, she plans to enter a doctoral program in Economics.

Allison Megale of Drew University (ICPSR Member Institution) (New Jersey)

Poster: How to Make it Last: Assessing the Importance of Satisfaction for Newlywed Couples (PDF 1MB)

Poster for Allison Megale's 2014 I C P S R internship

Megale is a double major in Psychology and Spanish graduating in 2015. Upon graduation, Megale plans to pursue graduate studies in Psychology research.

Bianca Monzon of University of Illinois at Chicago (ICPSR Member Institution)

Poster: Coats of Many Colors: The effects of Religious and Racial identity Salience on Perceptions of Racial inequality (PDF 573KB)

Poster for Bianca Monzon's 2014 I C P S R internship

Monzon is majoring in Sociology, with a concentration in Racial and Ethnic Relations, and a minor in Psychology, graduating in December 2014. After graduation, she plans to pursue graduate studies, with the goal of becoming a professor and researcher in the field of Sociology.

Breanne Peterson of the University of Iowa (ICPSR Member Institution) (Iowa)

Poster: Factors Influencing Human Capital Gains in Fifth Grade Children (PDF 904KB)

Poster for Breanne Peterson's 2014 I C P S R internship

Peterson is majoring in Psychology with a certificate in Human Rights, graduating in 2015. After graduation, she plans to pursue a PhD in Public Policy and conduct research in Education.


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