infographic for National Survey of Small and Medium-sized Physician Practices

From the National Survey of Small and Medium-Sized Physician Practices (NSSMPP), 2007-2009, a national survey of 1,745 practices with 19 or fewer physicians, one of the questions asked was:

To what extent would [the majority of the physicians in your practice] agree that the practice does a good job of assessing patient needs and expectations?

  • Strongly Disagree: 3%
  • Disagree: 1%
  • Neither Agree nor Disagree: 1%
  • Agree: 30%
  • Strongly Agree: 65%

The principal investigator of this data collection, Lawrence P. Casalino, in conjunction with his colleagues published an article in 2014 on the effects of these small practices on hospital admissions, see:

Casalino, Lawrence P., Pesko, Michael F., Ryan, Andrew M., Mendelsohn, Jayme L., Copeland, Kennon R., Ramsay, Patricia Pamela, Sun, Xuming, Rittenhouse, Diane R., Shortell, Stephen M. Small primary care physician practices have low rates of preventable hospital admissions. Health Affairs. 33, (9), 1680-1688.