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    • The search engine scans the study descriptions and documentation files of every data collection.
    • Searching is not case sensitive. "Dog" and "dog" return the same results.
    • Use quotation marks to do phrase searching.
    • If you enter multiple words, they are treated as a default Boolean "and" so you get results that have all the words. Boolean operators ("and," "or," and "not") are ignored.
    • Do not use an asterisk (*) to match partial words. The search engine automatically performs "stemming," meaning that partial-word matches should appear in search results (more info).
    • You can narrow your search results by using the facets that appear in the left column on the results page.

The Bibliography of Data-related Literature is a continuously-updated database of thousands of citations of works using data held in the ICPSR archives, including HMCA. The works include journal articles, books, book chapters, reports, working papers, dissertations, conference papers, and unpublished manuscripts. From here you can search for works using HMCA's holdings.