Our Mission

Increase the impact of NICHD-funded research within the scientific mission of the NICHD-Population Dynamics Branch by providing research infrastructure to:

  • Promote data sharing
  • Support the development of procedures and technologies for data sharing
  • Disseminate best practices in data sharing
  • Provide a resource that catalogs NICHD-funded data available for secondary analysis
  • Promote the secondary analysis of data collected through NICHD grants to research teams outside the original grantees

Major scientific innovations/contributions

The major scientific innovations/contributions that will enable DSDR to achieve these goals are to:

Data curation and dissemination

DSDR will continue to curate and disseminate data through its website and will also continue to process applications for access to restricted data archived through the DSDR project.

NICHD-funded population centers

Services provided by the DSDR projects are particularly targeted for the NICHD-funded population centers.