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Search Tips

  • Use quotes to search for specific phrases:

    "heart attack"
  • The minus sign may be used to remove certain types of results:

    "Presidential debate" -"Bill Clinton" will eliminate the debates from 1992 and 1996 in which Clinton participated

  • A Boolean "and" is implied in the search.

  • The search automatically does stemming); there's no need to type in an asterisk. It's also case-insensitive.

Find and compare specific variables from the MCC-related datasets included in this data archive. You can to search nearly 400,000 variables from the datasets that have quantitative data described in statistical syntax (about 50% of the datasets included in this data archive).

Enter words that are likely to appear in a variable name, label, question, or value label:

Comparing Variables

You can compare variables using the checkboxes and the "Compare" button on the search results page.

compare variable buttons on variable search results screen

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