As part of an ongoing effort to improve care for patients with multiple chronic conditions (MCC) through evidence-based research, the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality funded the AHRQ MCC Research Network. The Network aligns with a Department of Health and Human Services strategic framework to address MCC (PDF). You can learn much more about the Network.

Of the 45 grants in the AHRQ MCC Research Network, 13 were funded to create new datasets or other infrastructure to support improved examination of care for patients with MCC. Except when prohibited, the datasets created as a part of these grants are freely available to interested researchers—either directly through this website or through another source. Some datasets may require data use agreements or other permissions for use. Details about accessing each Network dataset can be found through the AHRQ MCC Research Network data page.

ICPSR, the host of this data archive website, has also listed additional MCC-related datasets from their larger holdings. The data from many of these other sources (i.e., those not funded through the AHRQ MCC Research Network) are freely available; selected others can be downloaded at no cost to users at ICPSR's 700+ member institutions, or for a minimal access fee by individuals at nonmember institutions.