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Sample Characteristics

All the data files in the Minority Data Resource Center with online analysis capability have an additional analysis tool that allows researchers to assess survey sample sizes for minority populations. There is additional dynamic capacity to assess sample size for these populations stratified by other demographic characteristics including age, sex, immigration status (where available), ethnicity, duration of residence in the United States, and a variety of other characteristics depending on the scope of the study. The sample size counts are unweighted counts and should be used only to assess the scope of the sample. The most useful application of this analysis tool is in the beginning of the research process when the feasibility of using a particular survey or set of surveys is being determined. Sample sizes for minority populations can be quite variable depending on the initial survey size and oversampling for minority populations. Direct access to sample size counts for selected studies is a valuable first step in planning research.


All data files in the Minority Data Resource Center with online analysis capacity have an additional tool that allows users to create data subsets dynamically for selected subpopulations of the survey. Users may create subsets using single variables or multiple variables. The subset will include all of the variables in the original study for the subpopulations specified in the interactive menu.

Recode Syntax

All the dataset files in the Minority Dataset Resource Center with online analysis capability also have an additional tool called the Recode Syntax tool. This tool is primarily designed as a learning tool. Standard recoding in our SDA online analysis system returns the recoded variable, but does not allow users to capture the syntax or code necessary to generate these recodes. We have created this new tool for users who wish to do multiple recodes or reproduce those dataset recodes. The Recode Syntax tool is similar to the paste function in SPSS which pastes the appropriate code for a particular procedure into an ancillary window. In the case of this tool, we only help users generate the code. Users must download the code and apply it within the appropriate statistical package.