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Integrated Public Use Microdata Series (IPUMS) (ICPSR 116)

Principal Investigator(s): University of Minnesota. Department of History. Historical Census Project


This website contains information as well as data and documentation files relating to the historical censuses of the United States that make up the Integrated Public Use Microdata Series (IPUMS) disseminated through the Minnesota Population Center at the University of Minnesota. Drawn from original census enumeration forms, the data collections in this series include samples of the American population taken from the censuses of 1850 to 1990 (excluding 1890 and 1930). Data files comprise both individual and household records and include information on a broad range of population characteristics, including fertility, nuptiality, life-course transitions, immigration, internal migration, labor-force participation, occupational structure, education, ethnicity, and household composition. Also available is IPUMS-International, a preliminary database describing 48 million persons in six countries: Colombia, France, Kenya, Mexico, United States, and Vietnam. Information about the IPUMS-International samples and variables, and other supporting documentation, are available on the IPUMS website, but researchers must apply for access to the data.

Access Notes

  • These data are not available from RCMD. Users should consult the data owners directly (via IPUMS-USA and IPUMS-International) for details on obtaining these resources.

Study Description

Scope of Study

Subject Terms:    census data, censuses, education, ethnicty, fertility, household composition, immigration, labor force, life events, marital status, occupational categories, population characteristics, population migration

Geographic Coverage:    United States, Global

Data Collection Notes:

These data are not available from ICPSR. Users should consult the data owners directly for details on obtaining the data and documentation

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