Bibliography of Data-related Literature

ICPSR maintains a searchable database of citations of known published and unpublished works resulting from analyses of data held in the ICPSR archive, including the PHDCN collection. Publications include journal articles, books, book chapters, government and agency reports, working papers, dissertations, conference papers, meeting presentations, and unpublished manuscripts. A supplementary bibliography of publications (PDF 50K) relating to the Project also exists. This is a snapshot of PHDCN writings, recounting the project's design, background, related thinking about community influences on individual behavior, and findings from the data, arranged topically.

On the search results pages under each citation, you will find a link to related studies in the ICPSR archive. These are the data collections used by the authors to generate their findings.

This is an ongoing project that is being updated regularly. If you know of a work that was based on ICPSR data, please send the citation to


View 2005 PHDCN Brochure (PDF 2.5MB)