Home Observation for Measurement of the Environment


Home Observation for Measurement of the Environment

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The PHDCN version of the Home Observation for Measurement of the Environment (HOME) was a semi-structured interview in which the parent was asked about daily routines, other activities, and ways that the home environment was structured to accommodate the child's needs. The PHDCN Scientific Directors revised the original HOME to facilitate the standard assessment of home environments of children ranging in age from newborns to teenagers. Observational items about the interior and exterior physical environment were added and include questions taken from the Systematic Social Observation Checklist, which was also developed by the PHDCN staff. This instrument was again revised for Wave 2 based on staff experiences with it and a structured interview for use with all age participants was developed and named, the Homelife Interview. All items that involved interviewer observation were moved to the Interviewer Impressions section of the protocol, however, they were still part of the Homelife Interview. In the Wave 2 version, questions regarding the parents' involvement in neighborhood groups (Neighborhood Activity) and voting practices (Voting) were added. These sets of questions also appear in the protocol for subjects in cohort 18. In Wave 3, a reduced version of this instrument was used.


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