Infant Assessment Unit - Growth Assessment Form


Infant Assessment Unit - Growth Assessment Form


The Infant Assessment Unit (IAU) was part of the Longitudinal Cohort Study. The objective of the IAU was to observe how prenatal and postnatal conditions affect the health and cognitive functioning of infants during the first year of life. Consisting of several instruments, the IAU sought to measure infant cognition and quantify the experiences of the sampled infants from Cohort 0 during their first 12 months of life. Additionally, the IAU examined the circumstances surrounding the mother's pregnancy and the subsequent care received by the infant. The IAU was administered to subjects or primary caregivers in Cohort 0 only in Wave 1 of the LCS.

The Growth Assessment Form (GAF) (PDF 3.2M) was included in the IAU to record the evolution of the subject's physical growth and development by recording, among other things, height, weight, and body mass as physical growth as a good proxy for overall health and nutrition. The primary caregiver was asked to undress the infant down to his/her diapers and to check that the diaper was dry. The infant was placed on a standard portable infant scale and the weight was recorded in grams. Recumbent length for infants was taken by the research assistant (RA) measuring the infant from the vertex to the bottom of the heel, with the infant lying down on a stable, flat surface. Head circumference was measured with a nonstretchable Ross Inserta Tape, in centimeters. Again, the RA read the instructions for the growth assessment to the parents prior to taking the measurements, and the segment was videotaped. It was administered to subjects.

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