Family Environment Scale


Family Environment Scale


The Family Environment Scale (FES) was designed to assess the interpersonal relationships and the overall social environment within the family. The FES captured the perception of the family's functioning from one of its own members. The FES specifically sought to quantify three dimensions of the family environment: interpersonal relationships, directions of personal growth, and basic organization and structure. In addition to acting as a self-report measuring the family environment, the FES was also used as an instrument to observe the effect of the family environment on the individual subjects. Three scales (Conflict, Control, and Moral-Religious Emphasis) from the FES were used in this questionnaire to further evaluate the functioning of the family.

WAVE 1: The FES (PDF 2.3MB) was administered to the subjects' primary caregivers for Cohorts 0 to 15 and to the subjects, themselves, for Cohort 18.


Moos, R. & Moos, B. (1994). Family Environment Scale Manual: Development, Applications, Research - Third Edition. Palo Alto, CA: Consulting Psychologist Press.

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Shaded boxes indicate that the measure is not available for a given wave/cohort.

Wave Cohort
0 3 6 9 12 15 18

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