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*All PHDCN data, except Systematic Social Observation, are restricted access, i.e., accessible only through an individual application with supporting materials. Applications are handled by the the National Archive of Criminal Justice Data (NACJD). Use the search feature to go to any study within PHDCN, click on the study title from the search results. You will see that study's home page. Use the link for the ICPSR Restricted Data Contract Portal in the Access Notes. There, you will be given an option to "Start a New Contract."

Search the Data Holdings

This search form searches only content related to the PHDCN. Please use the ICPSR main search to search all ICPSR holdings.

This search engine only searches for words in study descriptions. You can also try Search by Topic and Variable-Level Searching below.

Search by Topic

Quantitative Data & Documentation

Browse by Type of Data

The links below describe the various PHDCN data collection components and show the availability of data for each component.

Variable-Level Searching

This feature searches the variable and value labels across all PHDCN data files that are publicly available. Some PHDCN files have question text included as part of the metadata and, when available, question text is also included in the search.

Here are some general guidelines for using the variable-level search below:

  • Searching is not case sensitive. "Dog" and "dog" return the same results.
  • The search engine uses quotation marks to do phrase searching.
  • If you enter multiple words (or single words in multiple fields), they are treated as a default Boolean "and" so you get results that have all the words. Boolean operators ("and," "or," and "not") are ignored.
  • Do not use an asterisk (*) to match partial words. The search engine automatically performs "stemming," meaning that partial-word matches should appear in search results (more info).
  • For more detailed information, see Social Science Variables Database.