Searching Tips

Types of Searches

  • "Search for Data" is an integrated search that queries the metadata records on archived studies, the full text of the documentation, the variables (when available), and the related citations.
  • The bibliography search only searches the citations, not the full text of the publication.
  • The variable search indexes the question text, answer text, variable label, variable name, and any note text associated with the variable.

General Tips

  • Searching is not case sensitive. RACE and race return the same results.
  • The search engine uses quotation marks to do phrase searching.
  • If you enter multiple words, they are treated as a default Boolean "and" so you get results that have all the words. Boolean operators ("and," "or," and "not") are ignored.
  • You can omit terms by preceding them with a minus sign. If I wanted all studies that discuss recidivism, but not studies focused on predicting recidivism, I would enter recidivism -predict.
  • Do not use an asterisk (*) to match partial words. The search engine automatically performs "stemming," meaning that partial-word matches should appear in search results (more info).
  • Field searching has been replaced by facets, which appear in the right column on the results page.