Nebraska Juvenile Court Records, 1975-1987 (ICPSR 8915)

Principal Investigator(s):
National Center for Juvenile Justice; Nebraska Commission on Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice

This data collection has been deaccessioned; it is no longer distributed by ICPSR.

Data in this collection provide information on the disposition of juvenile court cases in the state of Nebraska. The data files contain individual records on each delinquency, status offense, neglect, and dependency case disposed. Cases processed formally (with a petition) and those handled informally (without a petition) are included for most courts. Records contain a county code, the youth's date of birth, age at referral, sex, date of referral, source of referral, number of prior referrals, care pending disposition, reason for referral, manner of handling, date of disposition, and case disposition. A case may have included more than one offense, but only the "most serious" offense (in the opinion of court personnel) is recorded. The majority of records also include information on diagnostic services needed, educational attainment, employment and school status, length of residence of child in county, child's living arrangements at referral, marital status of natural parents, combined family annual income, whether or not the youth was represented by counsel, and the occupation of the primary parent or guardian.

United States Department of Justice. Office of Justice Programs. Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (85-JN-CX-0012)

1975 -- 1987

1976 -- 1988

Records from the state of Nebraska's courts with juvenile jurisdiction.

juvenile court records

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2006-01-12 All files were removed from dataset 14 and flagged as study-level files, so that they will accompany all downloads.