How to Search Effectively

  • Search by keyword:
    dementia, "retirement planning"
    or by entering a research question:
    how many people are caregivers?
  • Use quotes for phrase searches; use the minus sign to remove items from results:
    "leisure activities" -"sporting events"
  • A Boolean "and" is inferred for multiple search terms.
  • Stemming is automatic; do not use an asterisk.
  • Search is not case-sensitive.

 Search for Specific Variables

The Social Science Variables Database enables users to search for variables across datasets, compare results, and download data.

 Difference between a dataset and a study?

A dataset is a building block of a data collection or study. It is a file containing cases or observations, and the data collected for each case are presented in a grid format.

A study is a detailed investigation and analysis of subjects or situations. It is a collection of data containing one or more datasets, as well as codebooks, data collection instrument files, reports, and other related materials, associated with each dataset.