IFSS_ABORT12: Did R have an abortion in last 12 months?

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Summary for Variable Group: Family planning and medical services

This variable group provides information on family planning and medical services received in the last 12 months, along with where those services were provided and how they were paid for. It also includes information on the respondent's first family planning visit, including the date, the timing relative to first intercourse, provider, and services received.


Did R have an abortion in last 12 months?


2002 NSFG
1995 NSFG

Source Variables

Source Questions

ABORT12 FA-3b 2002 NSFG
ABORT12 FB-2 1995 NSFG


IFSS_ABORT12 indicates whether the respondent received an abortion in the past 12 months.

General Comparability Notes

Summary: This variable is highly comparable, with only slight differences in question text.

In both the 2002 and 1995 National Surveys of Family Growth, respondents were given a card listing various medical services, including abortion, and were asked "In the past 12 months have you received (from a doctor or other medical care provider)... an abortion?" The universe in 2002 consists of all women, but the 1995 NSFG excludes women who have never had sex. It is likely that the two universes are functionally identical, however. In both surveys, responses of "yes" and "no" are coded as is. "Refused" responses are preserved and left unimputed.

Because abortions are consistently underreported, especially in face-to-face interviews, one should be cautious in using this variable. (See the "Data Quality" section of the 1995 documentation for a discussion of underreporting on this variable.)

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Imputation Flag Exists

Imputation Flag Values
-1 Illogical value
0 Not imputed
1 Imputed in original study
2 Logically imputed
3 Month imputed (Original file edit)
4 Age known, month imputed
5 Originally imputed as June, recoded to random month
6 Month imputed
7 Multiple regression imputed: Not ascertained
8 Multiple regression imputed: Refused
9 Multiple regression imputed: Don't know
10 Midpoint of a given range
11 Answer comes from a follow-up question
12 Midpoint of a range given as a follow-up
13 Answer is rounded up
14 Answer is rounded down
15 Reported months and weeks, weeks<=4
16 Reported months=trunc(weeks/4.35)
17 Reported months=weeks & weeks>4
18 Reported months!=trunc(weeks/4.35), months!=weeks, weeks>4
19 Months coded NA/RF/DK
20 Weeks coded NA/RF/DK
21 Impossible to determine which method used last

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