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Integrated Fertility Survey Series, Release 7, 1955-2002 [United States]

IFSS Source Data

The component studies of the IFSS project are publicly available through ICPSR.

About the Project

The Integrated Fertility Survey Series (IFSS) is a national resource that enhances knowledge about reproductive health, contraceptive use, pregnancy, and other issues vital to understanding and tracking the health of the U.S. population over five decades.

IFSS offers access to ten national studies of fertility encompassing the Growth of American Families (GAF; 1955, 1960), National Fertility Surveys (NFS; 1965, 1970), and National Surveys of Family Growth (NSFG; 1973, 1976, 1982, 1988, 1995, 2002) as well as a single dataset composed of harmonized variables across all ten surveys. Analytic tools and detailed documentation make it possible to quickly and easily explore the data and obtain information about changes in behaviors and attitudes across time.

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