Island Area Summary Files

The Island Area Summary files contain Census 2000 data compiled from all the people and housing units. Population items include sex, age, race, Hispanic or Latino, household relationship, urban and rural, households and families, group quarters, marital status, grandparents as caregivers, language and ability to speak English, place of birth, parents place of birth, citizenship status, and year of entry, migration, children ever born (fertility), place of work, journey to work (commuting), school enrollment and educational attainment, vocational training, veteran status, disability, employment status, industry, occupation, and class of worker, income and poverty status. Housing items include occupancy status, vacancy status, tenure, urban and rural, number of rooms, number of bedrooms, year moved into unit, household size and occupants per room, units in structure, year structure built, telephone service, plumbing and kitchen facilities, cooking fuel, source of water, purchase of water from water vender, condominium status, sewage disposal, vehicles available, value of home, monthly rent, and shelter costs.