British Election Study: [June] 1983 (ICPSR 8409)

Published: Feb 16, 1992

Principal Investigator(s):
A. F. (Anthony Francis) Heath; Roger Jowell; John Curtice; E.J. Field


Version V1

This joint project between investigators at Oxford University and at Social and Community Planning Research was designed to yield a representative sample of eligible voters in Great Britain at the time of the 1983 general election. As with previous surveys in the series, electors in Northern Ireland and the Scottish Highlands and Islands were excluded from the sampling frame. Fieldwork was conducted between July and October and 93 percent of the respondents were interviewed within 12 weeks of the election. Respondents were asked if they cared about the election outcome and what newspaper they read for campaign information. They were also asked to rate the degree of difference between political parties and to give their voting preferences and party affiliations. Respondents provided their opinions on nuclear weaponry, conflict in Northern Ireland, unemployment, inflation, education, and trade unions. Demographic information collected on respondents includes age, sex, marital status, employment history, and self-assigned social class. The respondents also provided information on their parents' social classes and employment histories.

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1983-07-05 -- 1983-10-05

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Approximately 6,000 voters were selected for interview though nonrandom sampling.

Eligible voters in Great Britain in 1983. Voters in Northern Ireland and the Scottish Highlands and Islands were excluded.

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