British Economic Imperialism, 1869-1914 (ICPSR 7738)

Published: Feb 16, 1992

Principal Investigator(s):
Patrick McGowan, Arizona State University

Version V1

These data are a time series of 46 cases, one for each year from 1869 to 1914, consisting of 134 variables that record information on various aspects of the British economy. Variables include raw values, nine-year moving averages, deviations from the average, and deviations from the linear trend for such quantities as British investment abroad, British gross domestic fixed capital, British exports and imports to the British Empire and to other parts of the world, and the number of British alliances. Data were collected from the most recent available studies in economic history, econometrics, and political science. In every instance, the source considered the most authoritative by the relevant discipline was used to collect the data.

McGowan, Patrick. British Economic Imperialism, 1869-1914. Ann Arbor, MI: Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research [distributor], 1992-02-16.

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1869 -- 1914

Indicators of the British economy relating to the years 1869-1914.

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