Mexican-American Families in Los Angeles, 1844-1880 (ICPSR 7582)

Published: Jun 29, 2010

Principal Investigator(s):
Richard Griswold del Castillo

Version V2

This data collection contains two data files created from manuscript census returns. Part 1 is an aggregation of social characteristics of Spanish-surnamed and Mexican-born families in the city of Los Angeles from 1844-1880. The data were used to study family composition and socioeconomic mobility. Data items include real property held by head of household (1844, 1850, and 1880 missing), number of children in household, number of adults who were literate in household (no data for 1844), last name of head of household, place of birth of head of household, and occupational category (i.e., rancher or farmer, professional, mercantile, clerk, skilled, and unskilled). Part 2 is composed of data used to study the socioeconomic development of the Mexican-American community in Los Angeles. The main emphasis was on an analysis of literacy, occupational mobility, schooling, family structure, demographic changes, and property mobility. Data items include last name, first name, age, sex, occupational code, real property, personal property, place of birth, literacy, race, head of household, wife of head, child of head, parent of head, sibling of head, and common law spouse. Definitions of family types and discussion of the methodology and rationale used to generate the data in both files can be found in Appendix A of del Castillo, Richard Griswold. "La Raza Hispano Americana: The Emergence of an Urban Culture Among the Spanish Speaking of Los Angeles, 1850-1880." Ph.D. dissertation, University of California, Los Angeles, CA, 1974.

del Castillo, Richard Griswold. Mexican-American Families in Los Angeles, 1844-1880. Ann Arbor, MI: Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research [distributor], 2010-06-29.

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1844 -- 1880

In Part 1, the family data are organized in five subfiles according to the census year. In 1844 there are 231 cases, in 1850 there are 220 cases, in 1860 there are 530 cases, in 1870 there are 545 cases, and in 1880 there are 521 cases.

In Part 2, the data are arranged into five subfiles according to the year of the census. In order, the subfiles are: 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880, and 1844.

Spanish-surnamed and Mexican-born families in the city of Los Angeles from 1844-1880.

Mexican and United States censuses for the City of Los Angeles in 1860, 1870, 1880, and 1844

aggregate data

census/enumeration data

survey data



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