Agrarian Reform in Chile, 1963 (ICPSR 7049)

Published: Jan 18, 2006

Principal Investigator(s):
Corporacion de la Reforma Agraria

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This study, conducted in Chile in l963, collected data from three different samples. The first sample (File 1) was drawn from urban zones of the three main cities in Chile: Santiago, Concepcion, and Valparaiso/Vina del Mar. The second sample (File 2) was drawn from agrarian workers in the north, central, and southern agricultural zones of Chile. The third sample (File 3) was drawn from agricultural zones throughout the country and included recipients of land through agrarian reform. Respondents in the first sample were questioned about their knowledge and attitudes toward Chilean agrarian reform, the importance of mining, agriculture, and industrial development, positive and negative effects of agrarian reform, and knowledge of the literacy campaign in Chile and its participants. Respondents in the second sample were asked about the purposes of agrarian reform, the necessary qualifications to receive land, attitudes toward Chilean agrarian reform, and the positive and negative effects of agrarian reform. Agrarian workers' attitudes toward agricultural cooperatives were also examined. The third sample's respondents, recipients of land through agrarian reform, were asked about the advantages of receiving land through agrarian reform. Additional questions ascertained their knowledge of the purposes of reform, their attitudes toward agrarian reform, and its positive and negative effects. The respondents' opinions about formal schooling for children in the area, as well as teaching of home crafts to local women and instructing local men in working the land, were also explored. Demographic variables include age and education. The respondents' gender and occupation were also ascertained for the urban sample (File 1).

Corporacion de la Reforma Agraria. Agrarian Reform in Chile, 1963. Ann Arbor, MI: Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research [distributor], 2006-01-18.

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Three distinct samples were drawn for this study. The first sample included urban residents from Santiago, Concepcion, and Valparaiso/Vina del Mar, drawn by random selection. The second sample consisted of agrarian workers from the northern, central, and southern agricultural zones of Chile, drawn by two-stage random area selection: routes were chosen in the first stage, and in the second stage houses located on those particular routes were randomly selected. The third sample included recipients of land through agrarian reform living in agricultural zones throughout Chile. They were selected from lists available through Corporacion de la Reforma Agraria, Santiago, Chile.

The urban and rural populations of Chile.

personal interviews

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