Community Connections in Board and Care Homes Serving Chronically Ill Adults in Ten States, 1993-1994 (ICPSR 6783)

Published: Oct 8, 1996

Principal Investigator(s):
Vincent Mor, Brown University. Center for Gerontology and Health Research

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This study examined the implementation of regulations for board and care homes, and investigated formal and informal connections between these facilities and community health and social service agencies. To this end, board and care home inspectors were interviewed about their inspection practices. Inspectors were queried about the types and numbers of board and care homes inspected, frequency of inspections, consistency of regulations across types of board and care homes, proportion of time spent for initial inspections and inspections of homes already licensed, percent of time spent in specific inspection activities, areas used to determine compliance, frequently reported problems, which deficiencies inspectors consider serious, the use of inspection teams, participation of other agencies or specialists, who sees the inspection reports (e.g., agencies, departments, individuals, the public), number of license renewals and revocations, percent of last 50 homes in total compliance, number of complaint investigations in the last three months, percent of complaint reports substantiated, number of unlicensed homes in the area and type of action taken, and number of homes with social service or community-based health agency arrangements. Other variables include inspector's age, gender, education, occupation, and salary range for the current position.

Mor, Vincent. Community Connections in Board and Care Homes Serving Chronically Ill Adults in Ten States, 1993-1994. Ann Arbor, MI: Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research [distributor], 1996-10-08.

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1993 -- 1994

1993-12 -- 1994-02

In the codebook, the ASCII version of the Main Data File is referred to as Part 1 and the SPSS version of the Main Data File is referred to as Part 2.

Convenience sample.

Local or regional inspectors of board and care homes in ten states: Arkansas, California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Oregon, and Texas.

self-enumerated questionnaires and telephone interviews

survey data




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