WCBS-TV News/New York Times New Jersey Poll #2, October 1993 (ICPSR 6326)

Published: Mar 27, 1995

Principal Investigator(s):
WCBS-TV News; The New York Times


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This special topic poll deals with issues of concern to residents of New Jersey, focusing primarily on the 1993 gubernatorial race between Jim Florio and Christine Todd Whitman. This survey repeated questions from a companion poll (WCBS-TV NEWS/NEW YORK TIMES NEW JERSEY POLL #1, SEPTEMBER 1993 [ICPSR 6323]) that assessed respondents' opinions of the candidates and perceptions of their abilities and qualifications, as well as focusing on Jim Florio's performance as governor compared with past New Jersey governors. Additional questions asked whether Florio and Whitman had offered specific proposals for solving New Jersey's problems, whether Florio and Whitman had spent more campaign time attacking each other or explaining what they would do if elected, and whether Florio or Whitman was more responsible for negative campaigning. October respondents were asked about Governor Florio's decision to raise taxes in light of his 1989 campaign promise to the contrary, and the implications of Christine Todd Whitman's campaign promise to cut state income taxes by 30 percent over three years. The October survey also included questions dealing with the truthfulness and impact of Florio and Whitman's television commercials during the campaign. Background information on respondents includes voter registration status, financial situation compared to four years ago, political party, political orientation, vote choice in the 1992 presidential and 1989 New Jersey gubernatorial elections, whether the respondent would describe the chief wage earner's job as "blue collar," county of residence, religious preference, education, age, race, Hispanic origin, sex, and family income.

WCBS-TV News, and The New York Times. WCBS-TV News/New York Times New Jersey Poll #2, October 1993. Ann Arbor, MI: Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research [distributor], 1995-03-27. https://doi.org/10.3886/ICPSR06326.v1

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1993-10-16 -- 1993-10-18

1993-10-16 -- 1993-10-18

A weight variable has been included and must be used for any analysis.

Households were selected by a variation of stratified random-digit dialing. Within households, respondents were selected using a method developed by Leslie Kish and modified by Charles Backstrom and Gerald Hursh (see Backstrom and Hursh, SURVEY RESEARCH [Evanston, IL: Northwestern University Press, 1963]).

Adult population of New Jersey aged 18 and over having telephones at home.

telephone interviews

survey data




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