Voter Research and Surveys New York City Mayoral Election Exit Poll, 1993 (ICPSR 6249)

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This data collection has been deaccessioned; it is no longer distributed by ICPSR. These data are currently available at Voter Research and Surveys New York City Mayoral Election Exit Poll, 1993.

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Weight variables must be used in all analyses.

For this data collection, voters were interviewed as they left their polling places after voting in the 1993 mayoral election in New York City. Respondents were asked a series of questions covering mayoral choice for 1993 and 1989, choice for comptroller and public advocate in 1993, and how they voted on the term limitation proposal. Respondents were also asked for their opinions on the most important issues of the campaign, the most important candidate qualities, race relations in New York City, safety in New York City, level of commitment to the candidate they voted for, and the influence of race on their mayoral choice. Background information on respondents includes sex, race, age, family income range, religion, education, party identification, political spectrum self-identification, family financial situation, sexual orientation, gun ownership, marital status, employment status, labor union membership, and whether the respondent's children attended public school.

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Weight variables must be used in all analyses.

The sample was selected in two stages. First, a probability sample of voting precincts was selected to represent the different geographic areas across the city and the vote by party. Precincts were selected with probability proportionate to the number of voters in each precinct. Within sample precincts, voters were selected systematically throughout the voting day at a rate that gave all voters in a precinct the same chance of being interviewed.

Voters on election day in the New York City 1993 mayoral election.

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