German Social Survey (ALLBUS) Cumulative File, 1980-1990 (ICPSR 6101)

Principal Investigator(s):
Klaus, et al. Allerbeck

Version V1

This data collection has been deaccessioned; it is no longer distributed by ICPSR.

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The codebook for this collection is in German.

This data collection contains data from three multithematic inquiries into changes occurring within society in the Federal Republic of Germany. Each of the surveys dealt with a variety of social and political topics, including attitudes toward and personal importance placed on work, family and children, and religion, self-described social status, sense of receiving one's "just share" from society, attitudes toward governmental priorities, desired levels of social and defense spending, and attitudes toward the political parties.

1980 -- 1990

The codebook for this collection is in German.

Multistage random sample.

German citizens aged 18 or older living in private households in the Federal Republic of Germany and in West Berlin.

personal interviews, and telephone interviews

survey data