Planned Behavior, Environmental Values, and Domestic Water Conservation, in the Truckee River Watershed, [California and Nevada], 1998, 2000 (ICPSR 4185)

Published: Sep 26, 2007

Principal Investigator(s):
Craig Trumbo, University of Vermont; Garrett O'Keefe, Colorado State University

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This study examines attitudes and behaviors toward water conservation throughout the Truckee River Watershed in California and Nevada. The project was meant to serve the needs of policy makers and the public within an area facing difficult choices over the allocation of water resources. These data, comprising three separate files, are taken from information gathered in phone surveys from households in the Truckee River Watershed, including Truckee, California, and Reno, Fernley-Wadsworth, and Fallon, Nevada. Part 1, 1998 Data, contains data from the first wave of interviews in which respondents were asked whether or not they had a garden, how much grass was in their lawns, and if they had an automatic watering system. They were also asked questions about water meters, their water bills, and if they had saved more water than in the previous year. The survey also contained questions relating to respondents' environmental opinions, sources of information on conservation, steps taken to increase water conservation, and opinions on new innovations. Part 2, 2000 Data, contains data from the second wave of interviews from a combination of new respondents and the first wave interviews. The respondents were asked questions similar to those asked in the first wave of data collection. Part 3, 1998-2000 Panel Data, contains the data from both waves of data collection for those respondents who participated in both interviews. Demographic information includes age, income, sex, and ZIP code of the respondent, how long the respondent has lived in the watershed area, the amount of their water bill, the value of their home, and how much value any landscaping added to the market value of their home.

Trumbo, Craig, and O’Keefe, Garrett. Planned Behavior, Environmental Values, and Domestic Water Conservation, in the Truckee River Watershed, [California and Nevada], 1998, 2000. Ann Arbor, MI: Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research [distributor], 2007-09-26.

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National Science Foundation. EPA-NSF Partnership for Environmental Research (SBR-9896386)

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1998-07 -- 1998-08

2000-07 -- 2000-10

1998-07 -- 1998-08

2000-07 -- 2000-10

(1) System missing values were recoded to match study documentation for Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3. (2) Several variables in Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 were reformatted for SAS initialization and to match declared missing values. (3) Value labels were added to many variables in Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 for clarification and to match study documentation. (4) Data entry errors in tracezip in Part 2 and tracezip in Part 3 were recoded per PI instructions. (5) Erroneous value labels in Part 2 and Part 3 were corrected per PI instructions. (6) Variables in Part 3 were renamed to make them valid in SAS. (7) Value labels for -1 in sexr and lscape in Part 2 and lscape_1 and lscape_2 in Part 3 did not come through in processing. These are system missing values. (8) The variable label for sexr in Part 2 was edited from 'Respondent Sex' to 'Respondent Sex - Reno Name Sample' to differentiate it from variable rsex.

Proportional random samples were drawn from ZIP code areas and United States Census tracts throughout the watershed area.

Persons aged 18 and over living in the Truckee River Watershed in California and Nevada

survey data



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