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Arts Education Partnership

This is an external resource to which ICPSR links as a courtesy. These data are not available from ICPSR. Users should consult the data owners (via ArtsEdSearch) directly for details on obtaining these resources.

ArtsEdSearch is an online clearinghouse that collects and summarizes high quality research studies on the impacts of arts education and analyzes their implications for educational policy and practice.

ArtsEdSearch is a project of the Arts Education Partnership (AEP), and builds on Critical Links: Learning in the Arts and Student Academic and Social Development, a compendium of research that AEP published in 2002 exploring the impact of arts education on student success in school, life, and work. AEP has developed ArtsEdSearch as a resource for policymakers and education stakeholders and leaders to better understand and articulate the role that arts education can play in preparing students to succeed in the changing contexts of the 21st Century.

ArtsEdSearch currently includes summaries of over 200 research studies, syntheses of the major findings of these studies, and implications of the collected research for educational policy.

ArtsEdSearch focuses on research examining how education in the arts--in both discrete arts classes and integrated arts lessons--affects students' cognitive, personal, social and civic development, as well as how the integration of the arts into the school curriculum affects educators' instructional practice and engagement in the teaching profession.

ArtsEdSearch does not include research studies about how to teach the arts well or about how to assess student content knowledge and technical skill in the arts. These topics are of great importance to ensuring that students receive a high quality arts education and are the subject of other clearinghouses devoted to research on teaching and learning within particular arts disciplines.

Data users are encouraged to explore the studies available in the database through the ArtsEdSearch Browse Research tool. Search results can be narrowed down according to research category and purpose

The development of ArtsEdSearch was guided by a working group of experts in education research and policy and is supported by funding from the National Endowment for the Arts, the Ford Foundation, the U. S. Department of Education, the Wallace Foundation and the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation.

For additional details, data users can consult the FAQ page, or contact the ArtsEdSearch staff.

The research in ArtsEdSearch can be explored through four different perspectives:

  • The outcomes of arts education for students.
  • The outcomes of incorporating arts into instruction for educators.
  • The outcomes of arts education that occurs during the school day (bell to bell).
  • The outcomes of arts education that occurs out-of-school (during non-school hours).

For each of the perspectives above, you may choose to:

  • Read a research overview that explores what the combined research is telling us in that area.
  • Explore the research by age level to learn what we know about the impact of arts education when taught to students of particular ages from early childhood through to adulthood.
  • Investigate the policy implications of the research in ArtsEdSearch.
  • Perform an advanced search to find studies that will be specific to your work.

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