National Election Pool Democratic Presidential Preference Primary Exit Polls, 2004

Principal Investigator(s):
National Election Pool; Edison Media Research; Mitofsky International

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The data were collected through face-to-face and telephone interviews conducted with voters in twenty-two states that held primaries and one state that held a caucus to choose the Democratic candidate for president of the United States. The candidates were Senator and former United States Ambassador Carol Moseley Braun, retired United States Army General Wesley Clark, New Hampshire Governor Howard Dean, Senator John Edwards, Senator Dick Gephardt, Senator John Kerry, United States Representative Dennis Kucinich, Senator Joe Lieberman, and Reverend Al Sharpton. Early and absentee voters were polled via the telephone during the week leading up to an individual state's primary. Election day voters were interviewed in person as they exited polling places on their state's primary days. Respondents were asked which candidate they voted for in the primary, when and why they decided on that candidate, and what one quality and one issue mattered most in choosing that candidate. They were polled on the candidates and the candidates' likelihood of defeating the incumbent, President George W. Bush. Also, they were asked whether they voted for the candidate who they thought had the best chance of defeating George W. Bush or the candidate they agreed with most on important issues, whether they had seen candidates' campaign ads and/or Web sites, and whether they were confident their vote would be counted accurately. Respondents were asked to assess the condition of the nation's economy, their personal financial situation compared to four years ago, their level of concern about another terrorist attack occurring in the United States, and the safety of the country as a result of military action in Iraq. Additional opinions were gathered concerning the Bush administration and its policies and decisions and United States Senator John McCain from Arizona. Further questions addressed topics such as whether the tax cuts implemented under the Bush administration should be adjusted or eliminated and whether respondents worried that someone in their household would lose their job. Background information on respondents includes age, education, frequency of religious service attendance, Hispanic descent, labor union membership status within the household, marital status, personal voting history, political ideology, political party affiliation, race, religious orientation, sex, sexual orientation, total household income in 2003, and whether anyone in the household had served in the military.


These data are not available from ICPSR. Users should consult the data owners directly for details on obtaining the data and documentation.