Identity Politics and the Latino vs Hispanic Debate: A Data-Driven Learning Guide (ICPSR 313)

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Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research

Version V1

This data collection has been deaccessioned; it is no longer distributed by ICPSR.

Data-Driven Learning Guides are a collection of instructional exercises that can be used to enhance teaching of core concepts in the social sciences. This learning guide investigates the relationship between cultural identities and partisanship, vote choice, and liberal social policies, in the context of the debate on the use, in American English, of the terms "Latino" and "Hispanic" to identify Spanish-speaking communities in the United States. Research questions that can be explored using this learning guide include: whether differences in the approval rating for the president from those of Spanish or Latin heritage are determined by their cultural identity, how the cultural identity of those of Spanish or Latin heritage may relate to partisanship, whether vote choice differs by cultural identity, and how cultural identity may relate to support for liberal social policies. Crosstabulations, frequencies, and charts are used for the analyses.