Atlas of Historical County Boundaries Web Site (ICPSR 170)

Principal Investigator(s): Long, John H., Newberry Library. William M. Scholl Center for Family and Community History


This Web site provides online access to the Atlas of Historical County Boundaries. A project of the William M. Scholl Center for Family and Community History at the Newberry Library in Chicago, the Atlas describes and maps every change in the boundaries of all United States counties from the early 1600s to 2000. In addition, the Atlas compiles and maps all changes in colonial or territorial and state boundaries, including the evolution of the states, plus county name changes, unsuccessful proposed counties, and attachments of unorganized counties and non-county areas to operational counties. Along with a detailed bibliography, citations to the primary sources for each change, and an explanation of different aspects of the Atlas project, the Web site enables users to view historical state and county maps and to download historical state and county shapefiles.

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Scope of Study

Subject Terms:    administrative divisions, counties, historical data, population distribution, maps

Geographic Coverage:    United States

Data Collection Notes:

This data resource is not available from ICPSR. Users should consult the Web site directly for details on accessing or obtaining the data and documentation