Eurobarometer Survey Series

Investigator(s): European Commission

The Standard and Special Eurobarometer surveys are the products of a unique program of cross-national and cross-temporal survey research. The effort began in early 1970, when the Commission of the European Communities sponsored simultaneous surveys of the publics of the European Communities. Three pilot studies were conducted in 1970, 1971 and 1973 under the header of European Communities Studies. Starting with 1974, regular Eurobarometer are carried out in spring and fall of each year.

The standard Eurobarometer surveys are designed to provide a regular monitoring of the social and political attitudes among the European publics, to obtain regular readings of support for European integration, public awareness of and attitudes toward European unification, the institutions of the European Communities, as of 1992 the European Union, and its policies in complementary fashion. Attitudes towards the organization and role of the European Parliament and electoral behavior became a major topic in pre- and post- European Elections times, until in 2011 the European Parliament took responsibility for an own survey module ("Parlemeter"). The standard program was complemented by measures of general socio-political orientations, of subjective satisfaction and the perceived quality of life, or of cultural, national and European identities.

Intermittently Eurobarometer surveys have investigated special topics, such as agriculture, biotechnology, energy, environment, family planning, gender roles, health related issues, immigration, poverty and social exclusion, regional identity, science and technology, information society, working conditions, urban traffic, knowledge of languages etc. In the case of some supplementary studies, special youth and elderly samples have been drawn. Starting with Eurobarometer 34 (1990) additional supplementary surveys on special issues are conducted under each wave.

Eurobarometer regularly include all member countries, starting with the six founder members and in accordance with the enlargement process. Norway has been un-officially included in selected waves between 1989 (EB 34) and 1996 (EB 46), Finland started before the actual enlargement in 1993 (EB 39.0), and a few Swiss Eurobarometer surveys were run in parallel to selected waves or topics, starting in 1999 (EB 51.1). Candidate and Accession Countries for the Eastern enlargement process were surveyed in the Candidate Countries Eurobarometer (CCEB) series from 2001 until the 2004 enlargement. From Autumn 2004 (EB 62) onwards the official membership candidates are at the time included in the standard surveys, as in the cases of Croatia, Turkey, Macedonia, Iceland, Montenegro, Serbia and Albania. Additional samples are drawn for Great Britain and Northern Ireland almost from the start, in Germany (East and West) after the re-unification in 1989, and in Cyprus for the Turkish Cypriot Community (Northern Cyprus) for selected surveys since 2004.

The surveys are conducted by affiliate international networks of survey research institutes on behalf of the European Commission's Directorate-General Communication. Beginning with Eurobarometer 43, the archival survey titles in this ICPSR series no longer contain a hyphen separating "Euro" and "Barometer," in keeping with current usage. Other archives may follow different naming.

Data in the Series

European Election Study, 1989
Eurobarometer 43.0 and 43.1: Drug Abuse and AIDS, March-May 1995
Eurobarometer 43.0: Cross-Border Purchases, Smoking Habits, and Cancer Risks, March-April 1995
Eurobarometer 86.3: Humanitarian Aid, Civil Protection, EU Citizens' Views on Development, Cooperation and Aid and Chemical Safety, 2016
Eurobarometer 86.1: Parlemeter 2016, Future of Europe, Media Pluralism and Democracy
Euro-Barometer 27: the Common Agricultural Policy and Cancer, March-May 1987
Eurobarometer 86.2: Standard Eurobarometer 86, November 2016
Eurobarometer 87.3: Standard Eurobarometer 87, May 2017
Eurobarometer 67.3: Health Care Service, Undeclared Work, EU Relations With Its Neighbor Countries, and Development Aid, May-June 2007
Eurobarometer 67.1: Cultural Values, Poverty and Social Exclusion, Developmental Aid, and Residential Mobility, February-March 2007
Eurobarometer 66.3: Social Reality, E-Communications, Common Agricultural Policy, Discrimination and the Media, and Medical Research, November-December 2006
Eurobarometer 61.0: The European Union, Globalization, and the European Parliament (30 Years of Eurobarometer), February-March 2004
Eurobarometer 85.3: Perception and awareness about transparency of state aid, Gender-based violence, EU consumer habits regarding fishery and aquaculture products, June 2016
Eurobarometer 71.1: European Parliament and Elections, Economic Crisis, Climate Change, and Chemical Products, January-February 2009
Eurobarometer 70.1: Globalization, European Parliament and Elections, Building Europe, Georgian Conflict, Mobility, European Union Budget, and Public Authorities in the EU, October-November 2008
Eurobarometer 71.2: European Employment and Social Policy, Discrimination, Development Aid, and Air Transport Services, May-June 2009
Eurobarometer 71.3: Globalization, Personal Values and Priorities, European Identity, Future of the European Union, Social Problems and Welfare, and European Elections, June-July, 2009
Eurobarometer 72.1: Poverty and Social Exclusion, Social Services, Climate Change, and the National Economic Situation and Statistics, August-September 2009
Eurobarometer 72.2: Nuclear Energy, Corruption, Gender Equality, Healthcare, and Civil Protection, September-October 2009
Eurobarometer 64.1: Mobility, Food Risk, Smoking, AIDS Prevention, and Medical Errors, September-October 2005
Eurobarometer 47.0: Images of Germany, Consumer Issues, Electronic Information, and Fair Trade Practices, January-February 1997
Eurobarometer 47.1: Images of Switzerland, Education Throughout Life, Racism, and Patterns of Family Planning and Work Status, March-April 1997
Eurobarometer 47.2: Women and Cancer, the European Parliament, and Expectations of the European Union, April-June 1997
Euro-barometer 20: Aid to Developing Nations, October 1983
Euro-barometer 36.0: Regional Identity and Perceptions of the Third World, Fall 1991
Eurobarometer 47.2OVR: Young Europeans, April-June 1997
Eurobarometer 77.4: European Parliament, Development Aid, Social Climate and Discrimination, June 2012
Euro-Barometer 9: Employment and Unemployment in Europe, April 1978
Euro-barometer 10: National Priorities and the Institutions of Europe, October-November 1978
Euro-barometer 39.A: Health and Safety Issues, March-June 1993
Euro-barometer 39.0: European Community Policies and Family Life, March-April 1993
Eurobarometer 83.4: Climate Change, Biodiversity, and Discrimination of Minority Groups, May-June 2015
Euro-barometer 39.1: Energy Policies, Biotechnology, and Genetic Engineering, May-June 1993
Eurobarometer 64.4: Mental Well-Being, Telecommunications, Harmful Internet Content, and Farm Animal Welfare, December 2005-January 2006
Eurobarometer 62.2: Agricultural Policy, Development Aid, Social Capital, and Information and Communication Technology, November-December 2004
Eurobarometer 63.2: Radioactive Waste, Transport Services, Farm Animal's Welfare, and Means of Payment, February-March 2005
Eurobarometer 73.2: Humanitarian Aid, Domestic Violence Against Women, and Mental Well-Being, February-March 2010
Eurobarometer 44.0: Cancer, Education Issues, and the Single European Currency, October-November 1995
Eurobarometer 44.2: Working Conditions in the European Union, November 1995-January 1996
Eurobarometer 44.1: Education and Training Throughout Life and the Common European Currency, November-December 1995
Euro-barometer 21: Political Cleavages in the European Community, April 1984
Euro-barometer 11: Year of the Child in Europe, April 1979
Eurobarometer 68.2: European Union Policy and Decision Making, Corruption, Civil Justice, E-Communications, Agriculture, and Environmental Protection, November 2007-January 2008
Eurobarometer 69.1: Discrimination, Radioactive Waste, and Purchasing in the European Union, February-March 2008
Eurobarometer 58.0: Services of General Interest, New Technologies, ICT, Health, Environment, and Public Safety, September-October 2002
Eurobarometer 73.4: Financial and Economic Crisis, the Future of the European Union, Globalization, and European Citizenship, May 2010
Eurobarometer 44.2BIS Mega-Survey: Policies and Practices in Building Europe and the European Union, January-March 1996
European Communities Study, 1970
Eurobarometer 45.1: European Union Rights, Sun Exposure, Work Safety, and Privacy Issues, April-May 1996
Eurobarometer 44.3: Health Care Issues and Public Security, February-April 1996
Euro-barometer 12: European Parliamentary Elections, October/November 1979
Euro-Barometer 30: Immigrants and Out-Groups in Western Europe, October-November 1988
Euro-Barometer 31: European Elections, 1989: Pre-Election Survey, March-April 1989
European Communities Study, 1971
Euro-barometer 37.0: Awareness and Importance of Maastricht and the Future of the European Community, March-April 1992
Euro-Barometer 10.A: Scientific Priorities in the European Community, October/November, 1978
Eurobarometer 63.3: Lifelong Learning in the Ten New European Union Member Countries and Consumer Rights in Poland, March-April 2005
Eurobarometer 54.0: The Euro, Financial Services, and Information Communication Technologies, October-November 2000
Eurobarometer 54.1: Building Europe and the European Union, The European Parliament, Public Safety, and Defense Policy, November- December 2000
Eurobarometer 54LAN: Special Survey on Languages, December 2000
Eurobarometer 54.2: Impact of New Technologies, Employment and Social Affairs, and Disabilities, January-February 2001
Euro-Barometer 31A: EUROPEAN Elections, 1989: Post-Election Survey, June-July 1989
European Communities Studies, 1970-1992: Cumulative File
Eurobarometer 72.5: E-Communications, Agriculture, Geographical and Labor Market Mobility, and Knowledge of Antibiotic Use, November-December 2009
Eurobarometer 58.1: The Euro, European Enlargement, and Financial Services, October-November 2002
Eurobarometer 58.2: Health and Developing Countries, October-December 2002
Eurobarometer 63.5: Consumer Rights in Poland, June-July 2005
European Communities Study, 1973
Eurobarometer 67.2: European Union Enlargement, Personal Data Privacy, the National Economy, and Scientific Research, April-May 2007
Euro-barometer 22: Energy Problems and the Atlantic Alliance, October 1984
Eurobarometer 79.2: Internal Market, Cultural Activities, Non-Urban Road Use, Science and Technology, and Undeclared Work and Tax Fraud, April-May 2013
Eurobarometer 59.0: Lifelong Learning, Health, and Partners and Fertility, January-February 2003
Eurobarometer 43.1: International Trade and Radiation Protection, April-May 1995
Eurobarometer 43.1BIS: Regional Development and Consumer and Environmental Issues, May-June 1995
Eurobarometer 72.3: Public Health Attitudes, Behavior, and Prevention, October 2009
Eurobarometer 62.0: Standard European Trend Questions and Sport, October-November 2004
Eurobarometer 79.4: Social Climate, Development Aid, Cyber Security, Public Transport, Anti-Microbial Resistance and Space Technology, May-June 2013
Euro-Barometer 40.0: Poverty and Social Exclusion, October-November 1993
Euro-barometer 23: The European Currency Unit and Working Conditions, April 1985
Euro-barometer 37.0 and 37.1: European Drug Prevention Program, March-May 1992
Euro-barometer 37.1: Consumer Goods and Social Security, April-May 1992
Euro-Barometer 37.2: Elderly Europeans, April-May 1992
Eurobarometer 75.3: Europe 2020, Financial and Economic Crisis, European Union Budget, and the Common Agricultural Policy, May 2011
European Communities Studies, 1973-1984: Cumulative File
Eurobarometer 62.1: The Future of the European Union, Vocational Training, Environment, IT at Work, and Public Services, October-November 2004
Euro-barometer 3: European Men and Women, May 1975
Eurobarometer 76.1: Financial and Economic Crisis, Financial Services, Corruption, Development Aid, and Gender Equality, September 2011
Euro-barometer 4: Consumer Attitudes in Europe, October/November 1975
Euro-barometer 5: Revenues, Satisfaction, and Poverty, May 1976
Eurobarometer 73.1: The European Parliament, Biotechnology, and Science and Technology, January-February 2010
Eurobarometer 75.4: Vocational Education and Training, Social Climate and Family Planning, Internal Security, and Climate Change, June 2011
Eurobarometer 72.4: Globalization, Financial and Economic Crisis, Social Change and Values, EU Policies and Decision Making, and Global Challenges, October-November 2009
The Mannheim Eurobarometer Trend File, 1970-2002
Eurobarometer 76.2: Employment and Social Policy, Job Security, and Active Aging, September-November 2011
Eurobarometer 76.3: The European Parliament, Europe 2020, Financial and Economic Crisis, and Media Use for Political Information, November 2011
Eurobarometer 77.1: Robotics, Civil Protection, Humanitarian Aid, Smoking Habits, and Multilingualism, February-March 2012
Eurobarometer 79.1: E-Communications in the Household and Corruption, February-March 2013
Eurobarometer 55.0: European Union Enlargement, the Euro, and Dialogue on Europe, March-April 2001
Eurobarometer 55.2: Science and Technology, Agriculture, the Euro, and Internet Access, May-June 2001
Eurobarometer 50.0: European Parliament and Radioactive Waste, October-November 1998
Eurobarometer 50.1: Information Society Services, Food Quality, the Family, and Aid to Development, November-December 1998
Eurobarometer 77.2: Economic and Financial Crisis, Helplines for Social Services, Railway Competition, Food Production and Quality, and Cyber Security, March 2012
Eurobarometer 80.2: Climate Change, Agriculture, Healthcare, and Physical Activity, November-December 2013
Euro-barometer 13: Regional Development and Integration, April 1980
Euro-barometer 41.0: Trade Issues, Blood Donation, AIDS, and Smoking, March-June 1994
Euro-barometer 14: Trust in the European Community, October 1980
Euro-barometer 15: Membership in the European Community, April 1981
Eurobarometer 65.3: Neighbors of the European Union, Services of General Interest, Employment and Social Policy, Energy Technologies, and Family Planning, May-June 2006
Eurobarometer 46.0: Personal Health, Energy, Development Aid, and the Common European Currency, October-November 1996
Eurobarometer 46.1: Modern Biotechnology, Privacy on Computer Networks, and the Common European Currency, October-November 1996
Eurobarometer 79.3: Europe 2020, The Financial and Economic Crisis and European Citizenship, May 2013
Eurobarometer 55.1: Globalization and Humanitarian Aid, April-May 2001
Eurobarometer 66.1: European Values and Societal Issues, Mobile Phone Use, and Farm Animal Welfare, September-October 2006
Eurobarometer 55.1OVR: Young Europeans, April-May 2001
Eurobarometer 73.2 and 73.3: Consumer Empowerment, February-April 2010
Eurobarometer 75.1 EP: Women in the European Union, February-March 2011
Eurobarometer 56.0: Information and Communication Technologies, Financial Services, and Cultural Activities, August-September 2001
Eurobarometer 73.5: Civil Justice, Development Aid, Africa and the European Union, and Food Risk, June 2010
Euro-barometer 33.0: The Single European Market: Eastern Europe, Spring 1990
Eurobarometer 81.1: Future of Europe, and E-Communications in the Household, January 2014
Euro-Barometer 32: The Single European Market, Drugs, Alcohol, and Cancer, November 1989
Eurobarometer 51.0: The Elderly and Domestic Violence, March-May 1999
Eurobarometer 51.1: Environmental Issues and Consumer Associations, April-May 1999
Eurobarometer 48.0: Holiday Travel, October-November 1997
Eurobarometer 81.2: Europeans in 2014, Financial and Economic Crisis, European Citizenship, and European Values, March 2014
Eurobarometer 81.4: Europe 2020, Financial and Economic Crisis, European Citizenship, and Living Conditions, May-June 2014
Eurobarometer 82.1: Passenger Rights and Development Aid, September 2014
Eurobarometer 82.2: Quality of Transport, Cyber Security, Value Added Tax, and Public Health, October 2014
Eurobarometer 82.3: Standard Eurobarometer 82, November 2014
Mannheim Eurobarometer Trend File, 1970-1999
Eurobarometer 82.4: The European Parliament, Robots, Gender Equality, and Smoking Habits, November-December 2014
Eurobarometer 83.1: Europeans in 2015, Data Protection, and the Internet, February-March 2015
Eurobarometer 83.2: Perception of Security, Civil Protection, and Humanitarian Aid, March 2015
Eurobarometer 83.3: Europe 2020, Financial and Economic Crisis, European Citizenship, European Union Budget, and Statistical Literacy, May 2015
Eurobarometer 84.1: Parlemeter, September 2015
Eurobarometer 84.2: E-Communications in the Household, Awareness and Perception of Europeans about EU Customs, Europeans, Agriculture and the Common Agricultural Policy, October 2015
Euro-Barometer 16: Noise and Other Social Problems, October 1981
Eurobarometer 84.3: Standard Eurobarometer 84, November 2015
Euro-Barometer 17: Energy and the Future, April 1982
Eurobarometer 84.4: Europeans in 2015, Development, Cooperation and Aid, Animal Welfare, and the Tobacco Black Market, November-December 2015
Eurobarometer 85.1: Perceptions and Expectations, the Fight Against Terrorism and Radicalisation, Antimicrobial Resistance, Financial Products and Services, Online Platforms, April 2016
Euro-barometer 24: Entry of Spain and Portugal, October 1985
Eurobarometer 85.1 OVR: European Youth, April 2016
Eurobarometer 68.1: The European Parliament and Media Usage, September-November 2007
Eurobarometer 52.0: European Parliament Elections, the Single European Currency, and Financial Services, October-November 1999
Eurobarometer 52.1: Modern Biotechnology, Quality of Life, and Consumers' Access to Justice, November-December 1999
Euro-barometer 6: Twenty Years of the Common Market, October/November 1976
Eurobarometer 59.1: The Euro and Parental Leave, March-April 2003
Euro-barometer 18: Ecological Issues, October 1982
Eurobarometer 65.1: The Future of Europe, Transborder Purchases in the European Union, and Family Planning, February-March 2006
Eurobarometer 65.2: The European Constitution, Social and Economic Quality of Life, Avian Influenza, and Energy Issues, March-May 2006
Euro-Barometer 34.0: Perceptions of the European Community, and Employment Patterns and Child Rearing, October-November 1990
Euro-barometer 34.1: Health Problems, Fall 1990
Euro-barometer 34.2: European Youth, Fall 1990
Eurobarometer 59.2: The Common Agricultural Policy, Issues of Immigration, Rail Transport, Consumer Protection, and Information Society, May-June 2003
Eurobarometer 60.0: Consumer Rights, Data Protection, Education Through Sport, Product Safety, E-Commerce, Attitudes Towards People With Disabilities, and the Euro, September 2003
Eurobarometer 77.3: Europe 2020, the Financial and Economic Crisis, European Citizenship and European Values, May 2012
Euro-barometer 42.0: The First Year of the New European Union, November-December 1994
Euro-barometer 28: Relations With Third World Countries and Energy Problems, November 1987
Euro-barometer 29: Environmental Problems and Cancer, March-April 1988
Eurobarometer 85.2: Standard Eurobarometer 85, May 2016
Eurobarometer 80.1: Europe 2020, the Financial and Economic Crisis, European Citizenship and Information on EU Political Matters, November 2013
Euro-barometer 41.1: Post-European Election, June-July 1994
Eurobarometer 44.3OVR: Employment, Unemployment, and Gender Equality, February-April 1996
Eurobarometer 81.5: Social Climate and Innovation in Science and Technology, June 2014
Eurobarometer 81.3: The Environment and the European Area of Skills and Qualifications, April-May 2014
Eurobarometer 56.1: Social Exclusion and Modernization of Pension Systems, September-October 2001
Eurobarometer 79.5: One year to go to the 2014 European Elections - European Parliament and Institutions, European Identity, and Globalization Challenges, June 2013
Eurobarometer 56.2: Radioactive Waste, Demographic Issues, the Euro, and European Union Enlargement, October-November 2001
Eurobarometer 60.1: Citizenship and Sense of Belonging, Fraud, and the European Parliament, October-November 2003
Eurobarometer 56.3: Getting Information on Europe and European Union Enlargement, January-February 2002
Eurobarometer 60.2: Employment and Social Policies, Financial Services, Harmful Internet Content, and Product Safety, November-December 2003
Eurobarometer 60.3: Time Allocation for Job, Learning, Family, and Other Activities, Retirement Preferences, and Product Safety Instructions for 'Do-It-Yourself' Products and Toys and Products for Children, November 2003-January 2004
Euro-barometer 38.0: European Court of Justice, Passive Smoking, and Consumer Issues, September-October 1992
Euro-barometer 38.1: Consumer Protection and Perceptions of Science and Technology, November 1992
Euro-Barometer 25: Holiday Travel and Environmental Problems, April 1986
Eurobarometer 76.4: The Future of Europe, Awareness of European Home Affairs, and E-Communication in the Household, December 2011
Eurobarometer 74.1: Poverty and Social Exclusion, Mobile Phone Use, Economic Crisis, and International Trade, August-September 2010
Eurobarometer 28.1: Young Europeans -- Life, Interests, Education, Employment, and Knowledge of Foreign Languages, October-November 1987
Eurobarometer 78.2: European Parliament, Future of Europe and Consumer Behavior in the European Union, November-December 2012
Euro-Barometer 8: Men, Women and Work Roles in Europe, November 1977
Euro-Barometer 7: Science and Technology in the European Community, April 1977
Eurobarometer 69.2: National and European Identity, European Elections, European Values, and Climate Change, March-May 2008
Eurobarometer 57.0: Agriculture, Energy, and Discrimination Issues, February-April 2002
Eurobarometer 57.1: European Union Enlargement, the European Parliament, and the Euro, March-May 2002
Eurobarometer 65.4: Discrimination in the EU, Organized Crime, Medical Research, Vehicle Intelligence Systems, and Humanitarian Aid, June-July 2006
Eurobarometer 74.2: Europe 2020, the Financial and Economic Crisis, and Information on European Political Matters, November-December 2010
European Election Study, 1994
Eurobarometer 73.3: National and European Identity, and Electromagnetic Fields and Health, March-April 2010
Eurobarometer 63.1: Science and Technology, Social Values, and Services of General Interest, January-February 2005
Eurobarometer 63.4: European Union Enlargement, the European Constitution, Economic Challenges, Innovative Products and Services, May-June 2005
Eurobarometer 66.2: Nuclear Energy and Safety, and Public Health Issues, October-November 2006
Eurobarometer 57.2: Health Issues, Cross-Border Purchases, and National Identities, April-June 2002
Euro-barometer 19: Gender Roles in the European Community, April 1983
Eurobarometer 74.3: The European Parliament, Energy Supply, Data Protection and Electronic Identity, Chemical Labeling and Rare Diseases, November-December 2010
Eurobarometer 57.2OVR: Youth Attitudes About Drugs, April-June 2002
Eurobarometer 75.2: Economic Crisis, Volunteer Work, the Environment, Audiovisual Interests, and Helplines for Social Services, April-May 2011
Eurobarometer 75.1: Energy in the European Union, Citizens' Rights, E-Communications, the Internal Market, and Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage, February-March 2011
Flash Euro-barometer 9: Maastricht, February 1992
Flash Euro-barometer 10: European Managers Survey, April 1992
Flash Euro-barometer Omnibus: United Europe, January 1992
Flash Euro-barometer 14 Omnibus: Maastricht, August 1992
Euro-barometer 2: Problems Facing the European Community, October-November 1974
Euro-barometer 35.A: Working Conditions, March-April, 1991
Euro-Barometer 35.0: Foreign Relations, the Common Agricultural Policy, and Environmental Concerns, Spring 1991
Eurobarometer 35.1: Public Transportation and Biotechnology, March-April 1991
Eurobarometer 64.2: The European Constitution, Globalization, Energy Resources, and Agricultural Policy, October-November 2005
Euro-Barometer 26: Energy Problems, November 1986
Eurobarometer 78.1: Europe 2020, the Financial and Economic Crisis, European Citizenship, and Information on European Political Matters, November 2012
Eurobarometer 64.3: Foreign Languages, Biotechnology, Organized Crime, and Health Items, November-December 2005
Eurobarometer 53: Racism, Information Society, General Services, and Food Labeling, April-May 2000
Eurobarometer 49: Food Product Safety, Child Sex Tourism, Health Care, and Cancer, April-May 1998