World Debt Tables Series

Investigator(s): World Bank

The World Debt Tables series was developed by the World Bank from reports submitted to the Debtor Reporting System (DRS) of the bank. ICPSR's collection of the World Debt Tables covers the period 1970-1992. These data collections provide information on external debt for 129 countries that reported to the World Bank. The reporting countries are grouped into six geographic regions: (1) Africa, south of the Sahara, (2) East Asia and the Pacific, (3) Latin America and the Caribbean, (4) North Africa and the Middle East, (5) South Asia, and (6) Europe and Central Asia. Data are expressed in aggregate United States dollars on public and publicly-guaranteed long-term debt as well as on private non-guaranteed debt, short-term debt, International Monetary Fund (IMF) credit, and major economic aggregates. In addition, detailed information on debt restructuring transactions is provided for public and publicly-guaranteed long-term debt.