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Please select the archive to which you would like to deposit your data collection.

Authors wishing to deposit replication datasets should use openICPSR, our self-deposit system. Data files are uploaded securely through a Web browser.

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Describe the Collection

This section collects basic details about the data collection. On the next page of the deposit form, you will be able to describe this data collection in more detail.

Descriptive titles typically include the time period(s) and geographic location(s) that the data cover.

Please list the Principal Investigators in order of importance to the study. If the Principal Investigator is an organization, complete just the affiliation field.

PI First Name PI Last Name PI Affiliation

Please give the user a clear sense of what the study is about. The focus should be on questions such as the purpose of the study, the major topics covered, and what questions the PIs attempted to answer when they conducted the study. Note that you should avoid attempting to address issues of how the data might be used, who might be interested in the data, or any evaluative comments about the worth or usefulness of the study.

Is this deposit a new edition, extract, update, or special version of an existing ICPSR data collection?

Please indicate the ICPSR study number and title of the existing collection and explain what has changed in the new version.

Should the old version continue to be made available after this latest update is released?

What files should I upload?

  1. Data - ICPSR prefers to receive data in the following formats:
    • Quantitative data files: SPSS, SAS or Stata
    • Qualitative data files: raw ASCII text format (Plain Text Format) or Rich-Text Format (RTF)
    • Video files: MPEG4 or JPEG2000
    • Audio files: .aif or .wav
  2. Documentation - ICPSR prefers to receive electronic documentation in formats such as ASCII (text files), DDI XML files or Microsoft Word. The original source document is preferred, but PDF files are acceptable. Please upload all relevant documentation, which can include:
    • Codebook: Specify the unambiguous variable level details, including variable names and labels, full question text, the range of possible codes and their meanings for each variable, codes used to create derived variables, missing data information, and skip pattern instructions.
    • Data collection instrument(s): An electronic version of each instrument, if applicable, including interview schedules, self-administered questionnaires, data collection forms for transcribing information from records, paper tests and scales, screening forms, and call-report forms. Please also describe the circumstances in which each was used (study populations, time periods, etc.).
    • Other technical documentation, including the following: data dictionaries, summary statistics (frequency distributions, means, etc.) of all variables, and interviewer and coder instructions.
    • Final project report, project summary, or other description of the project.
    • IRB approval, approved protocols, Informed Consent Statement, privacy certificate, and blank consent form(s), if applicable.
    • Data roster accompanying each qualitative data file.
    • Bibliography of Related Literature: an electronic file listing all publications describing or resulting from the data collection. Include the full title, full names of author(s), place of publication/publisher, journal name/volume/issue, full date, and page numbers, as applicable. Do not send literature reviews or other reference lists of publications that you may have used to help conceptualize your research. Send only lists of publications that you know are based on the data in this collection.

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Please upload all data and documentation files relevant to this deposit. What files should I upload?

If you have multiple files to submit, you may bundle your files using WinZip (or its equivalents), tar, and/or GNU's gzip. There is a 2GB limit on file uploads.

If you have materials that cannot be uploaded, please click here.

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All materials that cannot be uploaded, including hardcopy only documentation and/or removeable media, should be sent to the following address:

Attn: ICPSR Acquisitions
P.O. Box 1248
Ann Arbor, MI 48106-1248

For UPS/FEDEX shipments:

Attn: ICPSR Acquisitions
330 Packard Street
Ann Arbor, MI 48104

Is there confidential information in the data?

Is there any copyrighted material in the deposit that requires special consideration regarding whether to disseminate it?

Grant Managers

When applicable, please list the grant manager email addresses to be notified when the deposit has been signed and to receive the manifest of deposited files.

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Deposit Agreement

For ICPSR to archive and distribute this data collection, we require an electronic signature attesting to the following statements

  1. I have implicit or explicit copyright to this work and have the right to make it publicly available through ICPSR.
  2. I give my permission for the Data Collection to be used by ICPSR for the following purposes, without limitation:
    • To redisseminate copies of the Data Collection in a variety of media formats
    • To promote and advertise the Data Collection in any publicity (in any form) for ICPSR
    • To describe, catalog, validate and document the Data Collection
    • To store, translate, copy or re-format the Data Collection in any way to ensure its future preservation and accessibility
    • To incorporate metadata or documentation in the Data Collection into public access catalogues
  3. I give my permission to ICPSR to enhance, transform and/or rearrange to the Data Collection, including the data and metadata, for any of the following purposes:
    • Protect respondent confidentiality
    • Improve usability
  4. To the extent allowable by law or permitted by the sponsor of the data collection, in preparing this data collection for public archiving and distribution, I have removed all information directly identifying the research subjects in these data, and I have used due diligence in preventing information in the collection from being used to disclose the identity of research subjects.
  5. I further agree to release and hold harmless ICPSR (including staff and the ICPSR Council) and the University of Michigan from any and all liability from claims arising out of any legal action concerning identification of research subjects, breaches of confidentiality, or invasions of privacy by or on behalf of said subjects.

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