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1990 Urban/Rural Indicator Error Identified and Corrected

The Census Bureau identified an error with the 1990 Urban/Rural Indicator (field name UR90) appearing on Record Type S in some of the UA Census 2000 TIGER/Line files. In 1094 counties, the 1990 Urban/Rural Indicator overstated the extend of the 1990 urban classification; some polygons were classified as 1990 urban when they should have been 1990 rural. The 1990 UA codes, as well as the 2000 UA/UC codes, and the 2000 Urban/Rural indicators were correct.

On June 7, 2002, the Census Bureau replaced all the UA Census 2000 TIGER/Line files, including those TIGER/Line files that did not contain an error in the 1990 Urban/Rural Indicator. When unzipped, the replacement UA Census 2000 TIGER/Line files have a date in May 2002. The original UA Census 2000 TIGER/Line files, when unzipped, will have dates in March and April 2002.

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Source: U.S. Census Bureau
Geography Division
Created: June 12, 2002
Last revised: Wednesday, 12-Jun-2002 08:32:27 EDT

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