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CrimeStat III User Workbook and Data

The Mapping and Analysis for Public Safety (MAPS) Program in conjunction with the National Law Enforcement, Corrections and Technology Center - Southeast (NLECTC-SE) in Charleston, SC announce the free download of a CrimeStat workbook designed specifically for crime analysts in the use of CrimeStat III. The data used in the workbook are also provided. Further, a PowerPoint file covering the workbook and all lessons is provided for download for those wanting to instruct a class.

CrimeStat III is a Windows-based spatial statistics software package used for analyzing crime data from law enforcement and criminal justice agencies. Output produced from the software can be used with a geographic information system (GIS) to support and enhance the tactical and strategic analysis efforts of police departments.

The workbook covers how to prepare data for CrimeStat, produce results and import them into ArcGIS 9.x for further analysis or presentation. It also covers entering data into CrimeStat III, basic descriptive statistics from Spatial Distribution, measures of clustering in Distance Analysis, several 'Hot Spot' techniques, and using both single and dual Kernel Density Interpolation. Upon completion of the workbook and exercises, users are able to immediately make use of CrimeStat at their own agencies in the analysis of crime patterns and trends.

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