Listed below are the instructors for the Summer Program.

Acree, Brice,  University of North Carolina

Ainsworth, Scott H.,  University of Georgia

Armstrong, David,  University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee

Baer, Douglas,  University of Victoria

Bakker, Ryan,  University of Georgia

Beach, Derek,  Aarhus Universitet

Berbaum, Michael,  University of Illinois at Chicago

Bolger, Niall,  Columbia University

Bollen, Kenneth,  University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Bordelon, Bobray,  Princeton University

Bowers, Jake,  University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Bringardner, Stephen,  Washtenaw Community College

Brown, Charles C.,  University of Michigan

Campbell, Cameron,  Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Cannon, Judy,  Mathematica Policy Research

Carsey, Thomas M.,  University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Christensen, Garret,  University of California at Berkeley

Clarke, Harold D.,  University of Texas at Dallas

Collins, Kathleen M. T.,  University of Arkansas at Fayetteville

Cranmer, Skyler,  Ohio State University

Darmofal, David,  University of South Carolina

Dierker, Lisa,  Wesleyan University

Dion, Michelle,  McMaster University

Durante, Kimberly,  Stanford University

Eckel, Catherine,  Texas A&M University

Eckford, Don,  Michigan State University and Eastern Michigan University

Enders, Adam,  Michigan State University

Fomby, Paula,  University of Michigan

Fox, John,  McMaster University

Franzese, Robert J.,  University of Michigan

Freedman, Vicki,  University of Michigan

Fry, Jane,  Carleton University

Green, Donald P.,  Columbia University

Grimm, Kevin J.,  Arizona State University

Hansen, Ben,  University of Michigan

Hardy, Darren,  Stanford University

Hawthorne, Michael,  The University of North Carolina at Pembroke

Hedeker, Donald,  University of Chicago

Heeringa, Steven,  University of Michigan

Henson, Robert A.,  University of North Carolina at Greensboro

Ifatunji, Mosi,  University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Insolera, Noura,  University of Michigan

Jacoby, William,  Michigan State University

Jasny, Lorien,  University of Exeter

Johnson, David S.,  University of Michigan

Johnson, James,  University of Rochester

Kalkan, Kerem Ozan,  Eastern Kentucky University

Karreth, Johannes,  University at Albany, State University of New York

Kellstedt, Paul,  Texas A&M University

Kruschke, John,  Indiana University

Lacy, Dean,  Dartmouth College

Laurenceau, Jean-Philippe,  University of Delaware

Long, J. Scott,  Indiana University

Loughran, Thomas,  University of Maryland College Park

Lyle, Jared,  ICPSR

MacDonald, Kristin,  StataCorp LP

Manning, Mark,  Wayne State University

Marquart-Pyatt, Sandy,  Michigan State University

McCranie, Ann,  Indiana University

McDaniel, Timothy,  Buena Vista University

Medeiros, Rose,  StataCorp LP

Menninga, Elizabeth,  University of Iowa

Miguel, Edward,  University of California at Berkeley

Mihas, Paul,  University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Mitchell, Sara,  University of Iowa

Morrow, James D.,  University of Michigan

Mustillo, Sarah,  University of Notre Dame

Nagin, Daniel,  Carnegie Mellon University

Nakao, Ron,  Stanford University

Pamphilis, Niccole,  University of Glasgow

Panagopoulos, Costas,  Fordham University

Perry, Brea,  Indiana University

Pescosolido, Bernice,  Indiana University

Pfeffer, Fabian,  University of Michigan

Pickup, Mark,  Simon Fraser University and the University of Oxford

Pollins, Brian,  Ohio State University

Raykov, Tenko,  Michigan State University

Root, Elisabeth,  Ohio State University

Sastry, Narayan,  University of Michigan

Sayer, Aline,  University of Massachusetts at Amherst

Schilling, Steve,  University of Michigan

Singh, Shane,  University of Georgia

Skorupski, William,  University of Kansas

Skvoretz, John,  University of South Florida

Smith, Shawna,  University of Michigan

Stafford, Frank,  University of Michigan

Steinley, Douglas,  University of Missouri

Stine, Robert,  University of Pennsylvania

Taylor, Kristie,  Westat, Inc

Thompson, Howard,  University of Michigan-Flint

Titiunik, Rocio,  University of Michigan

Van den Eynden, Veerle,  UK Data Archive at University of Essex

Vogel, Cheri,  Mathematica Policy Research

Waddington, Joseph,  University of Notre Dame

Walters, Ryan,  Creighton University

Webb, Clayton,  University of Kansas

Wilson, Rick,  Rice University

Xue, Yange,  Mathematica Policy Research

Zorn, Christopher,  Pennsylvania State University

adams, jimi,  University of Colorado Denver

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