Multivariate Models for Social Scientists and Policy Analysts: Choices, Interventions, Dynamics (Montreal, QC)


This workshop teaches participants how to conduct multivariate analyses of social, economic and political data. Several valuable tools for academic researchers in the social sciences and analysts in the public and private sectors are considered. The course first focuses on discrete choice models, including the mixed logit model, for analyzing factors affecting choices individuals make in social, economic and political environments. The course then considers time series methods for studying policy interventions and the dynamics of policy outcomes. Topics covered include ARIMA models for interventions and forecasting, error correction models of cointegrated processes, dynamic panel models and ARCH models of volatility and risk. Assuming only familiarity with the standard OLS regression model, the course emphasizes practical applications with real data and participants will learn how to use major statistical software packages such as Stata, R and Rats in their research. Participants are invited to bring their own data sets to lab sessions.

Fee: Members = $1500; Non-members = $3000

Tags: multivariate, choice models, dynamic models

Course Sections

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