Health Disparities Research and Vulnerable Populations: Exploring ICPSR Data Sources


This workshop explores ways to understand racial, ethnic, and LGBT popuations and health disparities. The workshop will be organized around the research issues of health disparities among vulnerable populations in the U.S. The Health and Medical Care Archive (HMCA), the Resource Center for Minority Data (RCMD), and other ICPSR archives have worked to expand their holdings in the area of health that incorporate minority populations as respondents. This workshop examines the topics of specific vulnerable populations and health disparity will include differences in health care access, utilization, and outcomes. Models, key analytical relationships, indicators of health disparities are explored with the application of relevant data sources for analysis. For example, the multi-dimensionality of health disparities and race; examination of the most beneficial concepts, measures; and effective analytical approaches will be presented throughout the workshop. The workshop is meant for researchers in the social sciences (i.e., faculty, professionals, and advanced graduate students) with skills in quantitative analysis and a substantive interest or experience in health disparities.

    Topics Include:
  • understanding racial/ethnic differences
  • racism and health outcomes
  • race/class and social determinants of health disparities
  • sexual orientations and health care
  • distinctions across racial/ethnic groups and disparities
  • intersectionality of race, ethnicity, and sexual orientations
  • the role of SES measures in studying race/ethnicity
  • diverse mechanisms and competing explanations
  • conceptualizing different health outcomes
  • concept of health disparities, measurement, and policy implications
  • understanding of resources and effective interventions to address disparities
  • integrating political variables into health disparities research
  • large scale social forces that impact health

This workshop is sponsored by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. The workshop Instructors will include established and innovative researchers in the area of minority populations and health disparities.

Application: Applicants need to include a one-page statement of their research interests and their curriculum vitae. Graduate students also need to provide a letter of support from their faculty adviser. All supporting materials can be submitted electronically through the Summer Program registration portal on each applicant's Summer Program account page.

Deadline: Deadline for application is Wednesday, May 15, 2013.

Fee: There will be no tuition fees for accepted participants.

Stipend: Robert Wood Johnson will offer travel stipends ($500 maximum) for a limited number of participants to attend the workshop. Interested applicants should be sure to mention this in their statement of research interests.

Tags: Health Disparities, minority, minority populations, vulnerable populations

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